Single Cylinder Liner Puller


Range of cylinder diameter:

75-80mm 85-90mm 95-100mm 105-110mm 115-120mm 125-130mm 135-138mm


1. Select the needed pull block first.

2. Twist the steering knuckle of the puller to a right Angle with the lead screw and the straight side of the puller is parallel with the lead screw. Tighten the tail nut.

3.Enter the back of the cylinder barrel, make the inner circle of the pull block stuck into the cylinder sleeve, make the cross groove iron on the top of the cylinder head bolt, then screw the pressure bearing and screw rod in turn,turn the screw rod and tiahten it. fixthe screw rod with a wrench, and then pull it out by hard turning the screw rod.

Note: If the machine is in disrepair, please tap the hammer gently to take out the cylinder liner.