Vacuum Tester

Vacuum Tester



ZJ45 Vacuum tester is a portable device for measuring the vacuum which is mainly used to test the seallevel of engine valve seat before or after rebuilding the cylinder head.It can be also applied to test other vacuum purpose.

The air tightness of cone face of engine valve and valve seat directly influence on the normal working of engine.Now ZJ45 can be used to measure and test.If the vacuum level is below 600 mbar,the valve and valve seat need to be repaired.When repairing ,the valve grinder can be used to reface the cone of valve,also boring the valve seat with valve seat boring machine.To judge the valve and valve seat if reach the standard,you also can use this device to test after repair.

The unit is equipped with a vacuum pump.The quick-couplings make it easy to connect and disconnect the adapters.


1-Power supply:220V/1PH;110V/1PH



4-Vacuum level:900 mbar



1-Ensure the same power in case damage motor.

2-Keep the clean and dry environment.